The Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program (UPFRP) is a unit centric program, guided by the Family Readiness Command Team that reinforces the relationship between the unit and the services relevant to the unit, the unit members, and their families. The primary goal of UPFRP is to empower Marines and family members, providing them the opportunities to not just survive but to thrive while taking on the challenges of the military lifestyle.

Readiness & Deployment Support educates and prepares military members and their families to cope with the challenges of all types of deployments and family separations including the Command team members and Deployment Readiness Coordinator who will guide families and Marines through deployments.

The Unit, Personal & Family Readiness Program (MCO 1754.9B) educates and empowers Marines, Sailors, and family members through training and workshops to achieve and maintain readiness and resiliency in response to mission, life, and career events unique to the military lifestyle.  This is achieved through the UPFRP tenets: official communication, readiness & resource support, deployment support, and volunteer management.  The UPFRP also acts as the installation volunteer coordinator where they are able to provide all current volunteer opportunities both on and off the installation to all base patrons.  The volunteer coordinator provides training classes to interested volunteers, and effectively prepares them to explore their volunteer career in a variety of areas

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Unit, Personal & Family Readiness Program

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Phone: 7608304163

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This training is required for all members of the Family Readiness Command Team (CO, XO, SgtMaj, Chaplain, DRC/URC, Single Marine Program Representative, and Command Team Advisors). Program requirements such as roles and responsibilities, Command Team functions, communication and funding are covered during this training. Certificates are valid for three years from date of issue; however all members must repeat the training following a Change of Command. For new Commanding Officers, an MCCS In-Brief is also included as part of this training. This training is only offered in a unit specific capacity. Certificates are provided upon completion.

This training is offered for members of the Family Readiness Command Team (XO, SgtMaj, Chaplain, DRC/URC, Single Marine Program Representative, and Command Team Advisors) if the CO has already attended a Command Team Training. This training provides a general overview of Command Team roles and responsibilities, functions, communication and funding. Certificates are valid for three years from date of issue; however all members must attend the complete Command Team Training when a there is a change of command. Participants may attend a general class or contact trainer for a unit specific session. Certificates are provided upon completion.

This class is only available to Deployment & Uniformed Readiness Coordinators. Uniformed Readiness Coordinators are not required to attend L.I.N.K.S., Deployment Support, and Lifeskills modules however, it is highly recommended. Unit specific sessions may not be scheduled for this training. Certificates are provided upon completion.

This training is required for all appointed volunteers within the unit. Command spouses who will be working with the Command Team as well as any family member who is considering volunteering with the program is welcome to attend. Program requirements such as roles, responsibilities, communication, and resources are all included as topics of discussion. Certificates of completion are valid for three years from date of completion and are void once a change of command takes place. 

This class is required for FRCTAs and FRAs. This course is an annual training requirement. Additionally, Command Spouses that choose to participate in the unit’s UPFRP must complete this course annually. PII online training may be accessed on the DoD DISA Information Assurance OPSEC Training is available online on MarineNet to volunteers enrolled in DEERS:, Course Name: Uncle Sam’s OPSEC.

Course Code: OPSECUS001

Professional development for volunteers, the impact of volunteering, communication skills as a volunteer, how to track hours and get involved with local opportunities.

Establishes Marine Corps expectations for accepting officials, establishes expectations for volunteers, teaches about volunteer recognition and retention and how to support program volunteers.

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