Readiness & Deployment Support educates and prepares military members and their families to cope with the challenges of all types of deployments and family separations including the Command team members and Deployment Readiness Coordinator who will guide families and Marines through deployments.

Readiness and Deployment Support Trainers (RDST) at Twentynine Palms provide a variety of classes, workshops, and briefs that discuss a variety of readiness education and deployment support issues.

Readiness and Deployment Support Training offers assistance to units by connecting Deployment Readiness Coordinators (DRCs) and commands, assisting with family readiness issues, and delivering pre, during, and post-deployment presentation along with the “Strong Marine Couples” reintegration workshop, which addresses the challenges of reuniting in a safe, relaxed environment.

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Pre-Deployment for Marines & Families

This workshop highlights key areas of personal and family preparation for single Marines, married Marines and their respective families; either active duty or reservists.  Suggestions for personal and family preparation including important documents, emergency communication, money management, operational security, sources of assistance and information and referral resources are provided.

Pre-Deployment for Children & Their Parents

This program uses age-appropriate activities for children age 5 and older to prepare for the upcoming deployment.  The adult component combines discussion and demonstrations to highlight ways parents can support their children and recognize common reactions children may exhibit due to deployment related stress.

Deployment Success

This workshop is designed to promote deployment success for the spouse or significant other at home during a deployment and includes suggestions for fun things to do, goal setting and resources.  This is a great opportunity to assess progress thus far, get new ideas for continued success and also networking with other Marine Corps spouses and significant others.

Self Care

This workshop is designed to promote deployment success through self-care for the spouse or significant other at home during the deployment.  It includes information about stress management, staying connected with your Marine, dealing with emotional ups and downs and resources.

Kids & Deployment

This workshop is designed to promote deployment success for kids, including reactions to deployment, ways parents can help and resources.

Return & Reunion - Spouses & Significant Others

Spouses and significant others of returning Marines are eager to talk about homecoming anticipation, expectations and concerns.  The ideal time to discuss homecoming is approximately a month before a unit returns from deployment.  This allows enough time for communication to occur and plans to be made before the Marine returns.

Return & Reunion for Kids & Their Parents

This program uses age appropriate activities for children age 5 and older to prepare for the upcoming return, reunion and reintegration with their Marine parent.  The adult component combines discussion and demonstrations to highlight ways parents can support their child during this time.

Return & Reunion for Parents & Extended Families

This program answers questions about what to expect at homecoming, provides suggestions on celebrating homecoming with their Marine and addresses concerns about the effects that serving in a combat zone might have on their Marine.

Reintegration - Strong Marine Couples

This training provides a forum for couples to assess their recent deployment experience in an effort to further strengthen their relationship.  This educational workshop addresses the effect of reintegration on a relationship, allows couples to assess the level of relationship satisfaction and provides communication tools and resources for couples to use to strengthen their relationship.

Readiness Binders

This workshop offers a class on emergency readiness.  Having all of your important information in one place can save you time and money.  The class will cover  Power of Attorneys, Wills, Readiness, Health and Benefits, Base Emergency Information and Resources for your base and the surrounding area.  While creating a Readiness Binder to take home, you will have created places in your binder with the following information:
  • Household - information, emergency check list, utilities, evacuation plan
  • Family Members - individual information, allergies and medications
  • Financial Information - bank accounts, credit cards, savings accounts
  • Pet Information - medications
  • Password - social media, account passwords
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Important Documents
  • Final Wishes
*All supplies are provided*

Family Care Plan (FCP)

"What's in Your Family Care Plan" is a workshop designed to explore the reasons why preparation is essential, and important considerations during that process.

The learner, with the aid of references will be able to:
  • Define what a Family Care Plan (FCP) is
  • Identify why a FCP is important
  • Identify items that should be addressed in a FCP
  • Discuss four items that should be addressed in a FCP
  • Identify resources that will provide assistance with FCPs

Deployment Support Events

This is an event that it offered by the RDST in support of a deployed unit or company.  This event is tailored to each unit or company.  The RDST works with the DRC to come up with an event to be provided.  Some of what has been offered are:
  • Paint Nights
  • Welcome Door Signs
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Game Nights
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