Contact your Installation Education Service Officer for more information and to receive one-on-one support. Talk to them about Tuition Assistance (TA), Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-line (COOL), College Level Exam Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), Joint Service Transcripts and more.


The Education Center is the recommended first-stop before pursuing any form of post-secondary education. The Center offers advising, test proctoring and basic skills training in math, English and reading. Marines and Sailors on active duty may apply for military Tuition Assistance (TA) to pay for college tuition and fees. It administers military classification testing (AFCT, DLAB and DLPT) and online testing offered through the Air Force Institute of Advance Distance Learning (AFIADL), as well as more than 200 national certifications and state licensing examinations through its Pearson VUE testing center. Complete federal and state applications for financial aid by appointment.

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All Marines and Sailors on regular active duty, enlisted reservists on continuous active duty and other reservists ordered to active duty are eligible for TA. TA funds are authorized for vocational-technical schools, undergraduate and graduate programs, and developmental courses for both in-class and distance learning programs.
For more information, including which institutions accept TA funding, please call the Education Center.

Classroom Acculturation and College Success (CACS) is a voluntary education certificate program designed to prepare both traditional and nontraditional students for success at any public or private university as well as at any two-year community college. The curriculum covers every facet of college preparation, including collegiate writing styles, federal and state aid programs, library resources, and personal assessments. Through the use of self-guided exploratory activities, classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory requirements, individuals will be fully prepared to face the challenges of becoming a first-year or continuing college student. This is a voluntary, no-cost seminar. Marines, Sailors, and any civilians with base access are welcome to participate, though priority is given to active duty service members. Registration IS REQUIRED. Participants will spend three full days at the Education Center. Please contact the Education Center for dates and registration information.

The Education Center offers a wide range of testing for members of the military. The following are some of the available tests:

TABE – The Test of Adult Basic Education is a diagnostic test available for anyone looking to improve their skills in high school-level reading, writing, and math. This test is also used as placement for the four-week Military Academic Skills Program (MASP), offered by Copper Mountain College’s Base Programs office at no-cost. The TABE and MASP are available to all base personnel, including service members and civilians, with priority given to active-duty service members. For more information about the TABE or MASP, please contact the Education Center.

AFCT – The Armed Forces Classification Test is a multi-part test that is used by the military to identify individual aptitudes and areas of greatest career potential. The AFCT is a test of ability and an indication of academic readiness to pursue a particular career choice. The AFCT is only available for active-duty service members, and a request package is required. For more information, including how to access the template for the request package, please contact the Education Center.

DLAB – The Defense Language Aptitude and Battery is a standardized government test that is used to determine one’s ability to learn a foreign language. This test is offered every Tuesday and Thursday at the Education Center, and no registration is needed. For more information or to learn more about who is eligible to take this test, please contact the Education Center.

DLPT – The Defense Language Proficiency Test is used to assess a service member’s existing skill in comprehending a specific foreign language. Depending on the language and skill level, examinees may receive a one-time bonus payment. This test is offered every Tuesday and Thursday at the Education Center, and no registration is needed. For more information or to learn more about who is eligible to take this test, please contact the Education Center.

Proctored Exams - The Education Center also proctors college exams (quizzes, midterms, finals, etc.) by appointment at no-cost for all base personnel. For more comprehensive information on testing services provided by the Education Center, please visit our LibGuide or call 760.830.6881.

The Education Center also proctors college exams by appointment at no cost. For more comprehensive information on testing services provided by the Education Center, please visit our LibGuide or call 760.830.6881.

The GI Bill Brief and Workshops are offered at the Education Center every Wednesday, 1 - 2pm. Learn about your VA Education Benefits and receive assistance in applying for benefits.

Service members who take classes exceeding their TA benefits can use "Top-Up", or part of their GI Bill to cover the difference. Please contact the Education Center for assistance.

Service members can elect to contribute additional education monies into their GI Bill benefit, thus, receive greater monthly benefits. While still on active duty, service members can contribute an additional $600 towards their Chapter 30 GI Bill benefits and receive in return $5,400 from the Veterans' Administration. For those who contribute the additional $600, they will receive an additional $150 a month for each month of remaining benefit. The paperwork for the Buy-Up may be picked up at the Education Center. Please note that the Buy-Up option can only be used in conjuntion with the Montgomery GI Bill.


Developed by the Marine Corps, the “Leadership Scholar Program” is an opportunity for highly qualified Marines to gain special admittance into highly competitive colleges and universities. Information is released by each school which outlines the process, admissions criteria and admissions timeline for that school. For more information on LSP, including participating schools and how to apply, please contact the Education Center 760-830-6881 or

The purpose of the Military Academic Skills Program (MASP) is to strengthen the English, reading, vocabulary and math skills of its participants. Each course is four weeks long, running from 8am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, and taught by credentialed Copper Mountain College instructors.

Enrollment contracts are available at the Copper Mountain College Base Programs office in Building 1530, Room 209. There is no charge to enroll in this course, and MASP is open to family members and DoD civilians on a space available basis. Service members often use this course to improve their AFCT score and transition into the college classroom.

The Joint Services Transcript is your link to a listing of all your military training including recruit training, MOS schools and MCIs. The American Council on Education makes recommendations as to how much college credit your military training is worth.

The USMAP is a formal military training program that allows Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy personnel to complete a civilian apprenticeship program while on active duty. Marines are assigned an apprenticeable trade based on their respective MOS, while Sailors may apply for an apprenticeable trade based on their Navy rating.

The program requires no outside or additional work. Personnel are only required to record the hours they spend working in their field each day. Once the service member has completed the required minimum number of hours, he or she receives a certificate of completion of apprenticeship from the Department of Labor. Get enrolled and register today.


CMC is a two-year California community college offering a variety of certificates and associate degree programs (both transferable and non-transferable). Active duty service members and their family members are eligible for in-state tuition rates and grants, and CMC is tuition assistance-approved. CMC offers an 18-week semester schedule, as well as nine-week courses.

Contact Information

Copper Mountain College

Building 1530
6th Street
Twentynine Palms, California 92278

Phone: 7608306133

CMC Admissions & Records Specialist: 7603663791 Ext: 5102

CMC Admissions & Records Technician: 7603663791 Ext: 5891

CMC Base Coordinator: 7603665294

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Degree or Certificate Programs

Administration of Justice
Auto Technology
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science
Early Childhood Education
Environmental Science
Fire Technology
GED & High School Completion
Liberal Arts
Political Science
Social Science


National University is a private, non-profit, university that offers four-week accelerated terms. Classes meet two days per week and two Saturdays for half a day per month. NU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

National University administers the DSST & CLEP exams using their computer lab. To arrange to take the exam, please contact them directly.

Contact Information

National University

Building 1530, Room 309
6th Street
Twentynine Palms, California 92278

Phone: 7608306887

NU Admissions Advisor: 6195637344

NU Admissions Advisor II: 6195637340

NU Center Assistant: 6195637343

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Federal Holiday Hours may vary.
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Degree or Certificate Programs

Associate of Arts
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice Administration

Master of Business Adminitration
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Many other online degree programs
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